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Following the Traction Engine Rally at South Cerney Army Camp, a large number of Traction Engine and Vintage bike owners travelled into the village for their annual get together at the George Pub.

Interesting thing about this meeting was they arrived at the centre of the village, in their Traction Engines. Some were huge, others quite small. Visitors also included a range of vintage motor bikes, from Vespa Scooters to the larger road bikes.

Traffic through the village was at a near standstill. Everybody was having a great time. There was a small rain shower, but that did not dampen the atmosphere, and passed almost unnoticed.
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All photographs copyright © Derrick Page 2013 - Al rights reserved

The local villagers were fascinated by the wealth of history they were able to see. The visitors, still covered in coal dust, oil, grease etc were downing well-earned pints from the George Pub. The local chip shop did a roaring trade with families sitting on what grass they could find to enjoy the view, and their supper.

As the evening drew to an end the Traction Engines started to leave. The engine boilers needed stoking up to raise a head of steam, and the whistles were tested frequently. One of the visitors was doing a great job, marshalling the modern cars past the steaming engines, and then signalling the engines when safe to leave. He was great entertainment, with his pint in one hand, a wide smile and signalling the traffic flow with the other. He was slightly the worse for wear. His performance came to an end when three Community Police Ladies arrived and put him out of a job.

All in all, an amazing sight, history galore, entertainment and lots of smoke, steam, piercing whistles and everybody was very happy.
Derrick Page, South Cerney